I got this block stim yesterday that can be moved around. It mimics a tangle and that is what I like about it. I like stims that can be used like tangles, so it was nice to find one such as this.

I now have my communication cards

It should be easier for me to be able to communicate when I am unable to now. I have communication cards already made that I got from etsy and plain green cards that I can write on as spares. I would have benefited to have aids such as these for years, but I know that at least now I finally have them.

My Autism Diagnosis – Everything making sense


I had my full autism diagnosis assessment yesterday. For years upon years, I was wondering what it was that I had, but I always ended up at a dead end with no answers. When I started to learn what autism was, I was getting closer to coming to terms with it and finding answers. To have it all confirmed is such an immense relief. I have no questions anymore. I’m not at a loss and left wondering. I’m going to accept the diagnosis and let it strengthen me. I know that being autistic is not wrong.

My mind can rest now.

I know that a big weight will be lifted from my shoulders.

The lady that I saw was so nice and understanding. I did go into the assessment overthinking about having someone who would not understand and treat me poorly, but I was so fortunate not to have that this time. When you go for an assessment such as an autism one, you need to have someone who understands and takes the time to really listen. She helped me piece together everything.

The times that I’m nonverbal and accepting it as a part of myself

There is usually no telling when my brain decides that I don’t want to verbalise things anymore. All I can do is communicate what I need to say via typing. Once my brain slips out of that state, I’m fine. It has taken me some time to realise that I just need to use other methods of communication that make me feel more comfortable when I can’t speak. It can get worrying if it happens away from where I’m used to, though. Luckily I have trusted people who understand. This is something that I’m still learning to accept as a part of myself.

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